Dental Implants eat with confidence

Missing Front Tooth Example Case

Replacing one front tooth is one of the greatest dental challenges. Using an implant avoids damaging the adjacent teeth or a denture, but specialised microsurgery, micro bone grafting and guided reshaping is almost always needed to recreate the gum support and natural shape.

Creating a realistic artificial crown to exactly match the natural teeth involves using a computer designed implant abutment and crown in metal free all ceramic zirconium, allowing natural light to diffuse under the gum margin, just like natural teeth, avoiding a dark gum margin.

Capturing the extremely intricate shape, contour, colours and layering in a beautiful natural tooth is the province of our world-class artist and technologist. A personal consultation is arranged for you: detailed photographs and the latest leading edge ceramic technology are used to create a beautiful crown, which replicates nature.

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