Replacing Several Missing Teeth Stages

Step 1

Teeth loss can occur at the back of the mouth, this is typically caused by gum infection (periodontitis) or by teeth cracking due to previous fillings.

Step 2

A solution for replacing several missing teeth is to install a dental implant bridge consisting of two and four dental implants. With this solution your own existing teeth are not affected and the bridge will function for many years, regardless of the condition of your existing teeth.

Step 3

At this stage the abutments are attached to the dental implants, the next step is to fit a bridge; this is where we carefully attach the new set of teeth onto the abutments.

Step 4

With the dental implant bridge in place; the replacement teeth can withstand the strong chewing forces that occur in the back of the mouth and they feel and function like natural teeth.

See an example case where we have replaced several missing teeth….

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