Important areas to clean:

  • Abutment posts (the metal posts attaching the denture to your jaw) and bar.
  • Underneath the prosthesis.
  • Areas around the gums.

Step-by-step guide

1. Brushing the prosthesis

Clean the prosthesis and its attachments carefully, including the underneath area, using a denture brush or a regular toothbrush. A power brush can be a good alternative and an easy-to-handle complement. Other important areas to clean are the gum side of the prosthesis, where the attachment fits over the bar or ball abutments.

2. Brushing the abutment

Clean the gum side surface using a soft regular toothbrush. Additional attention should be paid to the abutment posts and bar in the mouth. NOTE: Never use a denture brush in your mouth.

3. End-tufted brush

A soft end-tufted brush (interspace brush) is suitable for cleaning the areas around the abutment posts.

4. Floss

Clean the abutment posts by passing floss (thick floss) around them. “Shoe-shine” the posts by passing the floss from side to side, polishing from top to bottom and allowing the floss to slip under the gum-line. Follow this procedure for each abutment post. Make sure to pass floss around the bar with vertical movements.