Dental treatments for a stunning smile

Begins with smile analysis using dental digital photography, a detailed bite analysis and gum survey. A joint consultation with my renowned dental technologist is then scheduled. The emphasis is on aesthetics (natural beauty) and ‘all-ceramic’ restorations are created using computer design and manufacture. This creates a very accurate metal-free base allowing the technologist to artistically perfect restorations that harmonise with gums lips and facial proportions, creating a smile to be proud of.


Click on the links below to see a range of the different cosmetic treatments we use:

Case Study 1

This patient wanted to create a beautiful smile to replace the ageing look of her existing smile. A wax up created the ideal proposed outcome. All ceramic crowns created the beautiful new smile.

  • Before- Cosmetic One
    After- Cosmetic One
    Before Cosmetic One After
  • Before-Cosmetic Two
    After-Cosmetic Two
    Before Cosmetic Two After

Case Study 2

This patient had unsightly failing crowns and a bridge Right side of photo).

A ‘mock-up was created and replica temporary restorations placed for a ‘test drive’. The final restorations were e max crowns and a bonded bridge, creating a beautiful smile.

  • Before-Cosmetic three
    After-Cosmetic three
    Before Cosmetic three After
  • Before-Cosmetic Four
    After-Cosmetic Four
    Before Cosmetic Four After

Case Study 3

This lady had her smile improved with fixed implant bridges (to replace a partial removable denture) and veneers to close the midline space.

  • Before-Cosmetic Five
    After-Cosmetic Five
    Before Cosmetic Five After
  • Before-Cosmetic Six
    After-Cosmetic Six
    Before Cosmetic Six After

Case Study 4

This patient wanted to improve her smile. A wax-up was created to visualize the desired result. A combination of crowns, veneers and implants created the beautiful final result.

  • Before-Cosmetic Seven
    After-Cosmetic Seven
    Before Cosmetic Seven After
Dental Wax-Up

Case Study 5

This patient wanted the whole upper arch restored with an implant supported bridge. Guided surgery was used to place the implants, minimizing discomfort. The final porcelain bridge created a beautiful smile.

  • Before-Cosmetic Eight
    After-Cosmetic Eight
    Before Cosmetic Eight After
Dental Implants
Dental Implants
Cosmetic Dentistry

Case Study 6

The long tooth on the right was un-saveable. A combination of implants, crowns and veneers created a lovely smile.

  • Before-Cosmetic Nine
    After-Cosmetic Nine
    Before Cosmetic Nine After
  • Before-Cosmetic Ten
    After-Cosmetic Ten
    Before Cosmetic Ten After

Case Study 7

A combination of crowns, veneers and implants were used to create this beautiful smile.

  • Before-Cosmetic Eleven
    After-Cosmetic Eleven
    Before Cosmetic Eleven After
  • Before-Cosmetic Twelve
    After-Cosmetic Twelve
    Before Cosmetic Twelve After

Case Study 8

This patient had a combination of orthodontic treatment (lower teeth), crown lengthening, crowns and implants to replace the partial denture and straighten her smile.

  • Before-Cosmetic Thirteen
    After-Cosmetic Thirteen
    Before Cosmetic Thirteen After
  • Before-Cosmetic Fourteen
    After-Cosmetic Fourteen
    Before Cosmetic Fourteen After

Case Study 9

Invisalign orthodontic treatment was used to reposition teeth and gum margins. Bleaching, veneers, crowns and a cosmetic partial denture recreate a nice smile.

  • Before-Cosmetic Fifteen
    After-Cosmetic Fifteen
    Before Cosmetic Fifteen After

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