Dental veneers

Veneers are carefully crafted thin shells of porcelain, bonded to the facial surfaces of teeth.

When used in the right situation, they recreate the beautiful shape of natural teeth and create stunning smiles. However, crooked teeth are best straightened before veneering, to create the ideal shape and form and avoid ledges at the gum margins.Implants are sophisticated titanium rods, implanted in the jawbone, where, over a period of several months, they integrate with the surrounding bone and become rigid ‘roots’ and can be used to replace single or multiple teeth, stabilise dentures or even replace a whole mouth of missing teeth with fixed bridgework. They have many advantages compared to traditional crown and bridge solutions.


Case Study 1 | Veneers

6 veneers in e max porcelain created a beautiful smile.

Final photograph was taken 7 years later.


Original shade before treatment


New smile six shades lighter

Case Study 2

6 veneers in e max porcelain created a beautiful smile.

Final photograph was taken 7 years later.

  • Before-Multiple Dental Implants
    After-Multiple Dental Implants
    Before Multiple Dental Implants 8 Years later

Case Study 3

This patient wanted to improve her front teeth and close the central space. Two minimal preparation veneers in e max porcelain achieved a beautiful result.

  • Before-Veneers Three
    After-Veneers Three
    Before Veneers Three After

Case Study 4

This patient was concerned about her smile. The front teeth were veneered with beautiful e max porcelain to create a stunning smile. The lower front teeth were bleached with no further restoration.

  • Before-Veneers Four
    After-Veneers Four
    Before Veneers Four After
  • Before-Veneers Five
    After-Veneers Five
    Before Veneers Five After

Case Study 5

After Invisalign treatment, the dark and poorly shaped teeth (from left in photograph) were veneered. The tooth on the right was not treated.

  • Before-Veneers Six
    After-Veneers Six
    Before Veneers Six After

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