Teeth In A Day using ‘WeldOne’

Teeth in a Day

Replace missing or damaged teeth or dentures with permanently fixed teeth in a day.

Teeth in a day or same day teeth is now possible thanks to incredible advances in dental implant materials.

Teeth in a day involves fixing a pre – manufactured bridge to newly placed fixed dental implants. This is accomplished within the same day.

clock11The patient arrives at our Teeth in a Day appointment in our Droitwich Practice
clock22An impression is taken of the surrounding teeth and gums which is then used by our dental technician to design the new porcelain tooth or ‘crown’
clock33A titanium implant (a form of self-tapping screw that acts as the new tooth’s root or anchor) is then placed in the jaw bone
clock44The new porcelain crown is fitted to the dental implant or abutment

The problem has always been how to strengthen the bridge with a strong frame fitting the implants with great accuracy. The lack of this support dramatically shortens the life of a plastic bridge and leads to breakages.

‘WeldOne’ allows the fabrication of a strong frame directly on the implants. Combined with composite construction, not plastic, leads to a very durable bridge.

The main benefits of fixed teeth in a day are:

a) that nervous patients complete the procedure quickly therefore spending less time in a dental environment and less time anticipating it

b) discomfort is minimised

c) there is no inconvenience experienced between treatments.

Patients who have multiple missing teeth usually hold onto their natural teeth to avoid having removable dentures. Dentures are difficult to eat with and patients lose their confidence to smile. Teeth in a day is the ideal solution for many patients who struggle to cope with problem teeth or uncomfortable dentures.

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