AstraTech Dental. World Congress Washington DC

I was lucky enough to be invited to this premier AstraTech event, held every 2 years, this time in Washington DC.

Everything is on a grand scale in the USA and this was no exception. The conference was held at the second largest conference centre in the world, recently completed at a cost of $6 billion! It even boasts a replica small New England village under glass – all air conditioned, essential in the extreme heat and humidity of June in Washington.

The conference was international, with more than 3500 dentist attendees from 37 countries. 131 internationally renowned speakers lectured over 4 days on every aspect of leading edge dental implantology. I was attracted to use AstraTech implants because of their insistence on a truly scientific approach in their implant design and research. The conference was no exception and ranks as one of the best of all meetings. Starting at 7:45 am and frantically rushing between the parallel sessions, I managed to squeeze in 22 lecture presentations. Of course, these events also allow good social interaction and on Wednesday evening I dined with the Taipei University Dental School delegation. Despite language difficulties, it proved to be a valuable opportunity and even produced an offer to visit Taiwan. Who knows?

I did get the opportunity to visit Washington as you can see.

Roll on Astra 2010!