12 Ways You Can Change Your Energy Levels, Motivation And Feel Refreshed!

How are you all coping? Well, I thought the last lockdown was difficult and this one seems to be going on and on… I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks and feels just that! But we have to keep plugging away and we WILL and are getting through it!

Often within times of difficulty, challenge, Groundhog Day and limbo (not to mention that change would actually be quite nice at the moment!) you may feel unmotivated, lethargic, lacking in energy, bored of the status quo, angry, upset, frustrated, anxious and so many more things. These feelings are perfectly OK and very normal (especially during a pandemic!)

However, if you’re tired of feeling this way and are caught up in a frustrating spiral of negative feelings and thoughts, how do you change your energy levels and motivation? Of course, even though I’m a Coach, I’m only human and not the perfect I-Ching of mental wellbeing but the truth is no one is!

The difference is knowing how to change your perspective! How to coach and train yourself not into a fight, flight, freeze, fear response, but into a flexible open mindset where you can learn to ride the waves, change your tactics and perspective and to trust and know that whatever life throws at you, you will survive and could even thrive!

Here are 12 tips and suggestions to help you to change your energy levels, motivation and to feel refreshed and Spring into Spring! Remember try choosing a couple which relate to you and remain dedicated to trying them and taking action. Consistency is key so schedule them into your diary!

  1. Acknowledge your feelings: Know that it’s perfectly fine to feel upset, frustrated, angry, bored, lethargic and so forth. We are living in very unusual times and even when we’re not, these feelings are perfectly valid so acknowledge them!
  2. Do you really want change?  It’s really important to ask this, because sometimes we can all get into the habit of feeling at home with certain feelings and beliefs, because we’ve have become used to them and they confirm our life script, beliefs, our sabotage patterns, self-fulfilling prophecies, experiences and so forth. However, just like a toxic friend, these patterns can also lull you into a false sense of security, when really what needs to be asked is how are your patterns stopping you from experiencing happiness, fulfilment, change, and also realising your full personal or professional potential?
  3. What one small thing could you do today which would change something about your current situation? What would you most like to change? Is it large or small? Is it in your control? If it is, how can you break it down into smaller steps so that you can take action steps towards changing your current situation? Visualise the bigger goal and vision and then work backwards.
  4. What can you control at the moment? It’s often the case that obsess, feel overwhelmed, catastrophise or moan and focus so much on the things we can’t control that we lose sight of the things we can control. So, journal and write a list down with these two headings and then move forwards from there. What can you control at the moment? Leave whatever you can’t control.
  5. What would help to re-direct your focus and energy? It can feel like we’re all living in Groundhog Day at the moment. However, it’s no surprise that in order for change to happen, you need to snap out of your current situation! Re-direct your energy and focus into something enjoyable, fun or something you feel has purpose! For short term relief, I always find listening to a piece of empowering music or listening to a meditation story can literally snap me back into the here and now!
  6. Zoom in and out of the situation It’s difficult to see the wood from the trees when we feel stuck or overwhelmed. Therefore, a really good tip I suggest to my own clients is to imagine a Google Earth video which zooms in and out. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated etc imagine yourself zooming out of the situation. Perhaps even taking a break, walking away or taking a deep breath might help you to change your energy and perspective. However, when you feel bored and unmotivated, visualise yourself zooming into the situation and start planning your goals with focus and purpose.
  7. Change is always happening within you! Even though it may feel there is no change happening at the moment, the current situation is very likely to be changing you, your outlook and perspectives. Perhaps the pandemic has made you re-evaluate what’s important to you and has changed your approach to your life, relationships or even your career direction or focus.
  8. Water, nutrition and exercise: I’m not a nutritionist coach, but as much as it may seem simple and obvious, even I have to be my own coach with these suggestions! It’s easy to let go of these things, especially as we don’t need to go out to meetings, see friends physically or attend social events. However, you will not thank you for not trying!Try small steps of action when re-evaluating how much water you’re drinking, what you’re eating, what you’re putting into your body, and how you’re exercising (remember running up and down stairs, standing up from your desk, running after the kids or dog, or even taking small walks count!)Sure, pamper yourself and even have one or two days where you do have a treat or a substitute! But just balance out the treats with the rest of these suggestions. The way I see it is you’re flushing out toxins, increasing your energy and positivity levels you’ll feel more refreshed, you’re conditioning your body and they all help to change your perspective and energy levels.
  9. Relaxation: If you feel as though you’re on a merry-go round and you can’t jump off, then this one is for you! How can you relax? What is the risk if you don’t? Try one or two small relaxation suggestions per day (and yes- they could even be 15 minutes each!)
  10. Sleep: What time are you going to bed? Do you put your mobile phone or any distractions away? We can all be guilty of getting distracted by that new Netflix series or scrolling down our phone screens, but sleep is very important to change your energy levels and perspective. Notice when you’re going to bed, how it could be affecting your mental and physical wellbeing and what needs to change about your sleep routine.
  11. What can you do today that your future self will thank you for? Planning for the future doesn’t need to happen once lockdown is lifted, you can start taking action now so that you’re ready when it does happen! So, what one thing could you do today and each day that your future self will thank you for?
  12. Write an achievement journal It’s really important to consistently write an achievement journal in the morning or evening i.e., a list of things you’re really proud of. They could be small daily achievements or large but keeping a journal will help you to revisit your strengths, transformation and change when things feel tough. You’ll know from the evidence, that you’re absolutely smashing it so keep going!

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Samantha is an internationally accredited IAPC&M Confidence and Success Coach as well as a qualified and registered Psychotherapist. She globally coaches people from all walks of life to positively overcome a wide range of professional and personal challenges so that they may live a confident, successful and thriving life! She is also a qualified and registered UK psychotherapist.

By Samantha Morris

Accredited Personal and Executive Coach