Beware of highly acidic foods and drinks. Acid erosion may be on the brink.

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We stand by this. But the breakfast choices we make in a rush can be damaging to our teeth. Even healthy options like fresh orange juice and adding lemons to water are major acid alerts! The majority of us choose foods and drinks high in acid, without realising the dangers such as acid erosion, which can cause pain, tooth decay and ultimately, unsightly teeth. So where should we reduce our intake and what’s the solution?

It could be cereals, jams or a sneaky spread of Nutella on crumpets. As tasty and convenient as they are for breakfast, it’s obvious that these quick fixes are full of sugar. They are classed as highly acidic foods and drinks, because they readily sink into your vulnerable teeth reacting with the bacteria in plaque and form a flood of acid.

You could cut out fruit juices, lemon water for a detox diet, and vow never to buy a jar of jam again, but that might be a bit extreme! Alternatively, you could cut down, by simply mixing up your breakfast choices. There are plenty of alternatives, such as replacing sugar coated cereals with porridge or why not try cottage cheese, yoghurt or milk? These are all high in calcium and can contribute to healthier teeth. For coffee and tea lovers, green tea is a great alternative as it is said to control bacteria and reduces the acidity of saliva. If you can’t bear the thought of cutting down on fruit juices, then consider drinking from a straw. This will lessen the contact that the acidic drink can have with your teeth.

Acidic foods and drinks sound nasty, and they can be! So take more care to protect your pearly whites. If you are concerned about the dangers of acid erosion, or would like to know more on how to prevent this, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team!