The causes of tooth decay are plain to see – so why is it on the rise among children?

It has been widely reported in recent days that dental health problems are on the rise among children, according to statistics released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. But with the causes of tooth decay well known and with information widely available, why is this still a growing problem?

It could be that the food and drink industry are still dragging their feet, rather than moving with the times. Large coffee chains recently drew widespread criticism when it emerged that some drinks contain as much as 25 teaspoons worth of sugar. It seems baffling that, in these times of increased awareness of diet and lifestyle choices, you’ll still see someone enjoying a caramel macchiato with their salad for lunch – seemingly unaware of the problem. This coverage might be just the nudge that the industry needs to start raising its standards when it comes to the content of their products.

We can all do more to make sure that we’re looking for all the available information to make the right choices for our kids’ and our own dental health. Studies like this really drive home the fact that we need to take responsibility for the causes of tooth decay in our family’s diets. Whether it’s cutting down on sugary drinks (that includes fruit juice!), or keeping sweet snacks as occasional treats as opposed to everyday staples, there will always be areas in which we can improve.

Whatever the cause, it’s vital that tooth decay is looked at by a professional, and the quicker the better. Our friendly team would be more than happy to help you and your kids make the right decisions when it comes to dental health. Our Kid’s Club will help the whole family to cut out the causes of tooth decay, so that your kids aren’t part of troubling statistics in the future!