Child Dental Care – We Visit Chawson First School

Last week, our Associate Dentist Lucy Flanaghan spent a rainy afternoon with year 4 of Chawson First School in Droitwich. Despite the weather, Lucy got a warm welcome from the class and gave a talk on ‘How to look after your Teeth’. The kids were taught about about why we need teeth, what can damage them, how to be clever and avoid damage and how the dental team at Roy Morris Dental Excellence can help prevent and repair damage to teeth.

The children have been studying Dental Health this term, and shared their knowledge with great enthusiasm but also listened intently. Teachers and children alike were particularly shocked by pictures showing exactly how much sugar all their favourite snack foods and drinks contain. It came as a surprise that some seemingly healthy foods could actually be very damaging to teeth! Lucy sent each child home with a goodie bag full of information, activity sheets and fluoride toothpaste to reinforce the good dental health messages that they’d learned.

If you would like to book a similar talk on child dental care, we are always happy to help and spend some time out of the surgery to help spread the world about how to prevent dental problems before they start!