50% of British Sportspeople Suffer Tooth Decay, How Do We Prevent It?

Elite British sportspeople are known for training and pushing their bodies to be capable of truly amazing things.

However, despite the impeccable care they take of their bodies, a study has found their dental health to be poor.

In the largest study ever of its kind, more than 350 sportsmen and women underwent an oral health screening. This included people from nine GB Olympic teams, along with Team Sky, England Rugby and Reading FC. Despite 97% of them saying that they brush twice a day the results were worrying.

Nearly half of the participants (49.1%) had untreated tooth decay. Symptoms of tooth decay include a toothache, tooth sensitivity and bad breath. Once symptoms have been noticed it is vital to seek professional help.

Over three quarters (77%) were diagnosed with gingivitis. This is an early indicator of gum disease, occurring as a result of a film of bacteria (plaque) that forms on the teeth. It can then progress into periodontitis which is more serious and can lead to tooth loss. The symptoms include red and puffy gums which bleed, most commonly whilst brushing.

Prevention includes good oral hygiene, longer and more frequent brushing, flossing and mouthwash. Prevention is key, so if you spot signs of gingivitis be sure to contact our Preventive Dental Unit. Our very experienced dental hygienists will be able to advise the latest preventive techniques to overcome the problem.

If you have experienced any symptoms, or are just a little worried, about tooth decay and gingivitis come and see our helpful team at Roy Morris Dental Excellence. We’re happy to offer professional advice, recommend and carry out the right dental treatment for you.