Stained Teeth

How to avoid stained teeth

How to avoid stained teeth

Stained teeth are a common problem which affects all of us at some stage of our lives. Whether casual coffee consumption turns to an addiction, the occasional fizzy drink becomes too occasional, or whether red wine seems to agree with you too well, the discolouration of teeth is an inevitable consequence.

One would bear well to avoid excessively eating and drinking: tea, tomato sauces, white wine, fruit juices, and beetroots. Overindulgence in these items could spell the end of white teeth.

Fortunately, there are solutions at hand to combat the bane of stained teeth. Teeth whitening treatments are regularly performed in private dental practices to remove stains from teeth, and restore white coloration. However, this procedure may set you back at least £300, with some treatments even exceeding £1000. If you do not intend on paying so much for a whitening treatment then there is simple everyday solution, which can help reduce teeth staining.

Using whitening gels or strips on a regular basis can reduce the visibility of stains within weeks. Moreover, simple lifestyle changes such a reducing the amount of sugary snacks and drinks consumed, using straws to drink fizzy drinks, stopping smoking, and avoiding binge eating can prevent the breakdown of enamel on the teeth, which results in the staining and decay.

Regular teeth-brushing and having routine dental checks are crucial to maintaining healthy and white teeth. So, have some respect for your teeth (believe it or not, they are important) by being aware and proactive about your dental health so that you can prevent stained teeth and be able to smile with pride.