Natural Smile

How you can achieve a natural smile

The first thing 42% of people would change about themselves would be their smile, a study has shown.

With the rise of mobile phones and photo sharing technology, the desire for a picture-perfect smile is now more sought after than ever before.

Here’s our advice on how you can achieve a natural smile:

The best step to a natural smile is maintaining good oral hygiene habits. Whilst it may seem like stating the obvious it is surprising to discover how many people do not follow the basics. Did you know one in four adults brush their teeth only once a day? A regular brushing regime accompanied with a good toothpaste can go a long way in dental care!

White teeth are also key to accomplishing a natural smile. It is not recommended that you undertake whitening on your own. Our trained professionals can carry out the procedure which is less invasive than other alternatives and often preferred as it doesn’t involve permanently altering the tooth structure and is easy to maintain.

Straight teeth can also play a big part in achieving confidence in your smile. We recommend and offer Invisalign as the ideal solution.  The most advanced clear aligner system in the world, its discreet presence will only be noticeable by how your teeth transform and straighten over weeks. It contains no wires or braces, so isn’t noticeable to others, whilst being comfortable for you to wear.  Invisalign is custom made to move your teeth little by little, gradually and gently taking you closer to your perfect smile.

At Roy Morris Dental Excellence we provide expert advice on which option is best for you to ensure your smile is a beautiful one.