Is there a link between alcohol and dental health problems?

Coming up next week is National Beer Day. While it’s sometimes fun to kick back and enjoy a pint or two, or maybe a couple of cocktails, it’s always worth keeping your health in mind. There may not be an obvious link between alcohol and dental health at first, but when you think about what goes into some of our favourite alcoholic drinks, then the relationship between the two becomes somewhat clearer.

According to DrinkAware, alcohol consumption accounts for 11% of the added sugar in our national diet. This means that that it’s not just your liver that would thank you to cut back on alcohol, it’s your teeth too. So what are the worst offenders when it comes to alcohol and dental health problems?

  • Irish Cream – In a recent investigation by the Telegraph, it was found that 100ml of Bailey’s Irish Cream contained 19.5g of sugar for every 100ml. That’s over 4 teaspoons’ worth!
  • Sherry – In the same study, 9.5g of sugar was found per 100ml of drink. That’s the equivalent of around two teaspoons.
  • Cider – A 568ml (1 pint) bottle of Bulmer’s Original cider was found to contain a massive 20.5g of sugar, or five teaspoons.

The good news is that beer and wine tend to have much lower concentrations of sugar, though the high levels of acidity in some of these drinks can also be damaging to your teeth.

We’ve all heard this a thousand times already, but it really is true that alcohol is best enjoyed responsibly, in moderation. Too much of it can cause some real health problems, not least to your teeth. Keeping an eye on how much you drink is just as much the key to solving this problem as thinking about which beverages you enjoy. The link between drinking alcohol and dental health is a very real one, so next time you’re in the pub getting a round in, think about the effect that your choice is going to have.

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