Practice update

Practice Update

Dear Patient

Just like us, I am sure you have been digesting the Prime Minster’s announcement yesterday of a new period of lockdown.  You may be wondering what that will mean for you and the lovely team at Roy Morris Dental Excellence.

No.  We have listened very carefully to the message from the Government; and the Prime Minster said that it is important that people continue to seek and obtain medical treatment.  Jo Churchill MP, the Minister for Dentistry has also confirmed that all aspects of primary care, including dentistry, will continue. So we will be staying open for our patients.

This is excellent news, for us and you – some people in the population had some really painful problems during the last lockdown and we hated that we were not able to see them and to treat our own patients at that time. This time will be different!

I am sure you are asking ‘Is it Safe?’  Yes Absolutely!

There have been many changes:

    • we have changed the way we manage our appointment diaries, to reduce the number of people in the practice and enforce social distancing!
    • We have introduced pre-appointment Covid screening, both in the days before an appointment and at the door of the practice;
    • We have written and designed a video showing you the  ‘Patient’s Journey’ which helpfully describes what it is like to visit us for an appointment.  This is kept-up-to-date with the changing guidance and industry-wide experience and best practice.  This video is sent out at your pre-appointment screening.
    • We use enhanced PPE for any procedures which might create “aerosols” – including revolutionary, washable surgical gowns to reduce the amount of clinical waste we produce.  As a result we look abit like aliens, but it is still us underneath
    • We have introduced “fallow time” –  a fixed period after any appointment when aerosols were created, when the surgery sits empty to allow any aerosols to clear.
    • We have invested in Radic8’s Virus Killers – specialised dental air purifers – for every surgery.

There is a lot of other work which you will not have seen.  All our staff are subject to daily Covid assessments; we carefully practise social distancing, even “behind the scenes”; and we always wear masks when in the practice. Believe it or not, we even work from home when we can – working on non-clinical and administrative tasks using advanced  remote-access software.

Do not put off your appointment for a month! We firmly believe that all the work we have done, in consultation with specialist advisers and aiming for the very highest standards, means that you are very safe in our hands.  Many patients have told us how safe they have felt when they have been to see us in recent months (Please see our facebook page here….)

If you feel that you have a particular vulnerability which means that you will have to restrict your movements even more than the Government is asking, please tell us.  We are very aware and open to speaking with you about your concerns.  We have, in our experience, over the last few months, been able to put patients concerns to rest.  We can arrange a virtual consultation with you with your dentist or hygienist.  We could do this pre-covid!

Therefore, please make your appointment with our hygienists/dentists.  Visiting the dentist and hygienist regularly is essential to your periodontal and overall health.

We look forward to seeing you and your family and please ‘Refer a Friend.’ We believe that our very best advertisements are you, our patients.