Sugar Drinks

The amount of sugar in soft drinks makes one thing clear – it’s time to cut out sugar.

This week, it’s been widely reported that a study by Liverpool City Council into the equivalent number of sugar cubes found in popular soft drinks has yielded some pretty shocking results. While this may not come as a surprise, having yet another story about the dangers of sugar consumption can only be a good thing. First it was drinks at coffee shops, then it was pasta sauces, now it’s soft drinks. It seems that 2016 is the year that we wake up to the amount of sugar that we’ve been consuming. Will it be the year that you start to cut out sugar?

The simple fact of the matter is that sugar consumption can have a very detrimental effect on your dental health. Sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay, which can lead to an array of health issues. This won’t come as news to you, but it’s important to let that fact sink in – if you cut down on or cut out sugar, then you’ll be making a positive difference to your health.

So what can we do? Well, the first step is to always read the label. Whether it’s something obvious like a fizzy soft drink, or something that you might not suspect like a pasta sauce, it’s important to always make sure that you know what you’re eating. Knowledge is power when it comes to making an effective change to your dental health – so make sure you’re equipped with the facts when you make purchasing decisions.

If you think that your smile is already suffering due to the effects of sugar consumption, don’t worry. Get in touch with our friendly team at our Droitwich practice, who would love to chat to you about how together we can get your teeth sparkling again. In the meantime, prevention is always better than cure, so you can start to cut out sugar now!