Turkey Teeth

Turkey Teeth and Dental Disasters

If you’ve ever suffered with teeth that have made you feel unconfident, having a perfect smile may be the stuff of dreams.

An increasingly popular trend has seen UK patients being lured abroad for cosmetic dental treatments. This trend has been termed by the media as, “Turkey Teeth” and has also been used to refer to cases of patients who have botched cosmetic dental treatments received abroad. A commonly sought cosmetic procedure is where natural teeth are filed down and replaced with veneers or crowns. However, there are cases of individuals having unfortunately experienced difficulties post-treatment when they arrive back in the UK, with many taking to social media to share their predicament under the #TurkeyTeeth hashtag. The profile around their stories has got to the point where the BBC has even created a documentary about the topic: ‘Turkey teeth: Bargain Smiles or Big Mistake?’.

With this much attention, it has become hard to ignore the large numbers of unfortunate shiny smile seekers detailing their negative experiences. Here are the most common problems you could experience when getting your teeth done abroad:

All of which could be the result of many uncontrolled factors such as:

You know the old adage, “buy cheap, buy twice,” and unfortunately for many, this is the case and they have to seek specialist help from practices such as ourselves to help put their smile right.

If you have suffered from a dental disaster, speak to our practice Principal Roy Morris. He has years of experience fixing dental disasters and creating healthy, natural smiles. Contact us here…