Made a member of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

The British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry is linked to the International Federation of Aesthetic Dentistry and has very close links with the European and American Academies.

Promoting excellence in dentistry, they organise annual international meetings, attracting leading edge speakers from all around the world. The members themselves are often leaders and opinion formers in their own right. Associate membership is open to any dentist who can show his commitment to these ideals and gain admission to the academy by a vote of all full members. During the period of associate membership, we are not allowed to mention this in any promotional material, because the members have not had the opportunity to see our clinical expertise. Full membership is by presenting a case lecture before the full members and visiting distinguished speakers.

This meeting was to be my invitation to present. In my opinion this must be the ultimate peer review. I am pleased to say that the members of the Academy have elected me a Full Member, a great honour and milestone for me.