Dental fear – solved

Things have changed since the days when dentists went at your gums with a power drill and a pair of pliers! But fear of the man in the white coat still remains. According to the Dental Anxiety and Phobia Association, 5.5 million people in the UK are affected by dental phobia. Here are four ways to ease any oral anxiety.

Your fear: Pain

All treatments can be carried out under local anaesthetic. Even giving an injection can totally pain-free now, particularly if it’s administered slowly and your dentist uses an anaesthetic gel first. The needle itself is not the major cause of discomfort – it’s the pressure and volume of the fluids being injected that causes the odd feeling.

Your fear: The unknown

Make sure that your dentist fully explains the treatments before you get on his couch. Be honest with your dentist regarding how much treatment you think you can tolerate at first. As you build confidence in yourself and trust in the team, the length of your appointment and the amount of work accomplished will increase.

Your fear: Lack of control

This feeling persists if you need to cough or swallow. Establish a signalling system before the dentist starts, allowing you you to stop for any reason.

Your fear: The noise and smell

These fears are normally associated with pain, but if there’s no pain the fear soon passes. The use of aromatherapy and relaxing music can help eliminate your anxieties.