Decay prevention for kids

Tooth decay

Everyone forms a material called plaque. This sticky film on tooth enamel contains bacteria in large numbers. When we eat sugar, the bacteria convert some of this to acid. The acid rapidly becomes strong enough to dissolve (demineralise) the enamel. The acid attack lasts for several hours. Eventually, the enamel becomes perforated and a cavity results.

All of this can be easily avoided by correct diet. Even the early stages can be reversed by appropriate therapy. This advise is best provided by our hygienists who specialise in preventive therapy. Molar and premolar teeth are prone to decay on their biting surfaces because they have small cracks (fissures). These fissures can be sealed to prevent bacteria entering. This procedure is not invasive. No drilling is needed – nor injections. Although the majority last for some years, they do eventually wear out. It is then simply a matter of resealing. It is now possible to prevent both tooth decay and gum disease. Obviously, the earlier this is begun, the better. Start them young – decay prevention for kids

Gum disease

Preventing gum disease depends upon good oral hygiene. In a proper preventive programme, the hygienist checks on this regularly. Establishing good oral hygiene is especially important for the teenage years and in adult life – when gum disease is most prevalent. We have devised a scheme which is based on our preventive philosophy. Our scheme KAREDENT™ provides you and your children with a full preventive programme for a regular monthly subscription.