Can you stop snoring?

Yes you can Roy Morris Dental Excellence is offering people like you the Somonwell Appliance and ensuring you get a lifetime of good sleeps.

Somonwell is the world’s most advanced oral appliance for treating problematic snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoe. The Somonwell is also used to treat Bruxism and TMJ. It is the only oral appliance that offers a truly effective and conmfortable lifetime solution.

The Somonwell is made from cast Chrome Cobalt alloy, commonly used by dentists when creating the highes quality dentures, bridges, and crowns. It is impervious to the bacteria and fungi commonly found in acrylic plastic and thermoplastic Mandibular Advancement Appliances and is suitable for long-term use in the mouth.

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While comparably priced appliances will last only a fraction of the time, the Somonwell will look and feel exactly the same after decades of use.

The Somonwell gently holds your lower jaw in the ‘recover position’ while you sleep, an ideal method for ensuring a well maintained airway. While other MMAs infringe on tongue space, causing the user discomfort, the Somonwell’s so comfortable you won’t even notice you are wearing it. The wearer can talk freely, drink and take medication.

The design of the Somonwell takes into account the individual features of each user’s jaw joints, so the appliance can be used as a highly effective treatment for jaw pain. An added benefit of the Somonwell is that it keeps the teeth in position, and the Somonwell Retainers are currently recommended by specialists as a permanent retainer after orthodontic work.

Each and every Somonwell appliance is designed and manufactured by specialists and are made to exacting standards, for a life time of good sleep.

Somonwell appliances are available for you at Roy Morris Dental Excellence, find out more here…